Speedia Loans site launched [23.02.2007]
Think Logic designs website for Speedia Loans to aid with their new marketing strategy. Click to view site
Sara Lee chooses Think Logic to create website for ENDUST product line [14.01.2007]
Think Logic designs complete website for Sara Lee's line of ENDUST dusting and cleaning sprays. Click to view site
Christine Conte site launched for new wedding season [10.01.2007]
Website completed to aid Christine Conte in marketing her services as a commercial and bridal hair and makeup artist. Click to view site
Tiffany Gate Foods chooses Think Logic again to design their new corporate site [15.11.2006]
Think Logic creates a new website for Tiffany Gate Foods to provide an updated fresh look and allow trade affiliates to login to their services. Click to view site
Hakim International site launched with using cpCommerce shopping cart software [13.10.2006]
Think Logic uses cpCommerce shopping cart integrated with paypal for hakiminternational.com in its continuing efforts to provide web solutions that are highly customizable and user-friendly.
Enviro Masters website completely redesigned [08.09.2006]
Think Logic updates the website design for Enviro Masters, a national lawn care company specializing in organic lawn maintenance. Click to view site
Solutions Private Investigators site launched [15.07.2006]
Think Logic launches website for Solutions Private Investigators following their new corporate image. Click to view site
OM Jewels website launched [08.06.2006]
Think Logic designs omjewels.com to sell a new line of yoga influenced jewelry. The site was programmed with a shopping cart and a user friendly web based admin panel for the client. Click to view site
Tiffany Gate Foods Inc. chooses Think Logic [02.03.2006]
Think Logic was chosen to develop the website for Tiffany Gate Foods' new line of premium gourmet entrées (Les Entrées) featuring a balanced meal solution for two, ideal for today's busy lifestyles, without compromising quality and taste! Click to view site
New MacCormac Law Firm site launched [01.11.2005]
Think Logic has just completed and launched the new site for MacCormac Law Firm, a law firm based in Cobourg Ontario, specializing in Family Law, Real Estate closings & Wills. Click to view site
New Rising Star Design site launched [12.09.2005]
Think Logic has just completed and launched the new site for Rising Star Design, a design studio that develops creative solutions. Need artwork created for your corporate identity or promotional & advertising materials? Click to view their work here.
New Think Logic site launched [22.08.2005]
Think Logic launched its new website today. Please send us your feedback.
Billing changes [20.08.2005]
To reduce the number of invoices and to help with keeping account balances current Think Logic has opted to remove the quarterly billing from it's billing cycles. If your account is on a quarterly billing cycle it will be converted to yearly after September 1, 2005.

Partnership with Spark Internet Marketing [15.08.2005]
Think logic has formed a partnership with SEO company Spark Internet Marketing to deliver the best in internet marketing for its clients.

Spark Internet Marketing is a global web based, online solutions company. Committed to delivering innovation and excellence various online marketing strategies, their core competencies include:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics

With global resources and a proven track record, the Spark Internet Marketing team offers the necessary skills, technologies and solutions for your web based marketing, creative design and application development needs.

Atelier Azul aka RuiLopes.ca completed [01.08.2005]
AtelierAzul.com is now online. With much direction from the client Think Logic was able to deliver a clean and simple website to display this artist's work. The client last reported 3 print sales as a direct result of having the new site online within the first 2 weeks of launch.
Server upgrade [01.07.2005]
Think Logic updated all of its clients to a new server today. The new server will be able to deliver web services 100% faster and will also block more viruses from passing through to client email.
LAH Immigration Services website launched [16.06.2005]
Think Logic is proud to announce the launch of lahlaw.com... a site completely developed remotely without any face-to-face meetings with the client. The entire website was completed within 3 days with all communication via phone and internet. The Chicago based company is hopefully the first of many clients that are open to working in this fashion.
The Allen Hirsh website launches in time for gallery showing [25.04.2005]
The custom designed website was completed today right on time for the showing at the Lonsdale Gallery this weekend.
New phone number [14.01.2005]
Our phone numbers have recently changed. Check out contact page for the updated info.
Valencienne Bridal website completely re-deigned in flash [12.11.2005]
After two weeks of development Think Logic was able to deliver the exact website that client Valencienne Bridal was looking for. Completely designed in flash animation with some unique effects and background music. Visit valencienne.com to see the new site.
Think Logic commissions Spark Internet Marketing as SEO for BridalSpace.com [10.08.2005]
SEO Spark Internet Marketing has been given the job to increase BridalSpace.com's visibility on various search engines. We have given them a list of highly competitive key words so we look forward to measuring how they perform in our first trial run of their services.
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